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Maria Russo in Andrea Chenier 2006
Senta Stars
"Maria Russo has a soprano voice the like of which we have not heard at the Teatro Colon for a very, very long time."
Paulo Kohan in "La Nacion" of Buenos Aires

Turandot Turandot Critical Acclaim      Isolde Isolde critical acclaim       Brünnhilde Brünnhilde critical acclaim
"In her Carnegie Recital Hall concert Sunday evening, Maria Russo revealed a full dark soprano and a gift for histrionics. In the final selection, ''L'Altra Notte'' from Boito's ''Mefistofele,'' Miss Russo unleashed a startling and hitherto unsuspected vocal power. This cheery little number, full of drowned babies and poisoned mothers, shook the proverbial rafters. " Tim Page, The New York Times

Turandot Turandot acclaim
Maria Russo triumphed effortlessly as Turandot, producing her high notes without ever sacrificing the soft contours of her voice." Orpheus

"Maria Russo, combining the drama of Verdi with Wagnerian strength made a psychologically developed Turandot, and mastered the heights powerfully, with plenty of volume."
Das Orchester

Isolde Stars

"The role of Isolde was filled by the attractive American, Maria Russo. Her bearing and radiance were truly that of the Irish King's daughter. With her darkly timbered, intonation-secure voice, she overcame the difficult role with ease. Without tiring, the artist crowned her accomplishment with a beautifully transfigured and radiantly sung 'Liebestod.'"
Neue Merker, Vienna

"After a glittering performance here in May of Turandot, Maria Russo sang for the first time as Isolde in Lübeck before an enthusiastic audience. This marvelously flexible soprano lived up to the demands of a difficult part, bringing about ovation after ovation with her
pure and luminous singing. Thanks to Waechter's attention and Fassler as the experienced partner, they succeeded in making the nocturnal love duet in the second act a wonderful high point, which the splendid soprano then could crown with the 'Liebestod' as transforming finale."
Lübecker Nachrichten, Lübeck
Brünnhilde - "Der Ring des Nibelungen" Stars

"Gifted with an especially beautiful and voluminous voice, very suitable to Wagner like Flagstad or Nilsson, Maria gives yet something particularly rare among the born Wagnerians: she is an actress capable of drawing the tears of the public (as literally happened in the final passages of the unforgettable duet between Wotan and Brünnhilde, which moved many in the platea to tears)."
"Movimento" 22-05-2005
Fabio de Mello - Critic and Author of books/articles on Opera

"Wagner’s "Third Day" in the Tropics was headlined by the Brnnhilde of Maria Russo, an American soprano whose career has been centered primarily in Germany and Austria.
ample, communicating urgency and presence and made all the more vivid by the soprano’s compelling dramatic instincts."
Opera News - 2004 by Ching Chang

Maria Russo' interpretation of Brünnhilde convinced us completely. Confronted by this dramatic, declamatory role she was able to navigate the high passages without sacrificing sound in the low range. It was a well-formed character portrayal."
Messaggero (Udine, Italy).

"A fantastic presentation is that of Maria Russo’s Brünnhilde. She fills the extreme, energy-robbing role of the Walküre with
passionate beauty, vocal elan and great intensity right through to the end."
Magdeburger Volksstimme
 "The popular international, hochdramatisch-soprano Maria Russo came from Vienna to sing Brünnhilde.  With her powerful Brünnhilde and carrying voice and she left hardly anything to be desired (in a  Brünnhilde)."
MDR Radio - Dieter David Scholzreviews
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